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Friday, December 24, 2010

New Year New Pu3 Amaliena :)

This is Old Puteri Amaliena :))

Old me : seorang yg kuat sensitive and like crying :) the one who doesn't care about others . Nak go to hell ? just go lah tk pyh ckp pon tkpe :P jahat kan ? Good habits tk jaga tepi kain org but sometimes tk elok coz kdg2 tk kesa pasal besties sendiry . Even diri sendiri pon tk ambil kesaa . huuuhh :( and when someone talk shit about her , just can shut up and crying :( seorg yang suka ckp KUAT , ni dah terikut bdk asrama laa nih . 

2011 : nak become more mature and more cares about others . especially , besties and diri sendiry laa . then , nak study more smart not hard . haahaa , pmr 8A's in hand . and more brave and tak HOMESICK or LOVESICK dah . enough :)
more senyum and , tk perlu kata apa apa :)